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* Free name imprinting on most Bibles over $15.00. Call for details.

Due to the expansive number of translations, styles and sizes of the Bible in our inventory and hundreds more available by special order, please call 1-800-879-7323 for assistance in choosing the Bible that will be best for you. You may want to be prepared to indicate to our Customer Service Representative your preference of the following characteristics:

Version - such as King James, NIV, New American Standard, etc.
Binding Material - paperback, hardcover, imitation leather, bonded leather or genuine leather
Type - general text, reference, study, parallel, etc.
Special Features - indexing, outlines, concordance, maps, etc.
Color - black, burgundy, blue, green, etc.
Size Print - pocket size, personal size, standard or large print

Among the many versions available through our store are the following:

  • American Standard Version
  • Amplified Bible
  • Easy-To-Read
  • English Standard Version
  • God's Word
  • New Century Version
  • King James
  • New American Standard
  • New Revised Standard
  • New International
  • New King James
  • International Children's Bible -"Big Red"

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