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Summer '18 Textbooks

COURSE I.D. SEC #PublisherCOURSE/BOOKInstr/ISBNAuthorPrice
ACC 39901Publisher Accounting Inter E MillerAuthor-
*No Required Textbook
BIB 28401Publisher God's Eternal Purpose G PenningtonAuthor-
BIB 32501Publisher Ministry Field Lab Dr. M Moss Author-
**No required textbook
BIB 42501Publisher Practicum Ministry Dr. G PenningtonAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
BUS 31001Publisher Business Communications-WE Mrs. R WilsonAuthor-
BUS 39901Publisher Business Internship E MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
BUS 43301Publisher International Business DIV R ByrdAuthor-
CIT 15301-04Publisher Microsoft ExcelS StoutAuthor-
CIT 39901Publisher IT InternshipE MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
CRJ 25001Publisher Intro to CorrectionsB WadeAuthor-
Cengage Community Based Corrections 9780495812425 Alarid/Del Carme
CRJ 43501Publisher Interr Invest ProcessB wadeAuthor-
ECO 23601Publisher MacroeconomicsR ByrdAuthor-
EMPE 19801Publisher Summer InternD BlairAuthor-
*No Textbook Required Required
EMPE 29801Publisher Summer Internship D BlairAuthor-
*No textbook required
CIT 34401Publisher Summer Int - FT Work D BlairtAuthor-
FIN 13301Publisher Individual FinanceR ByrdAuthor-
FIN 23301Publisher Personal FinanceR ByrdAuthor-
How to Manage your Money - An in-depth Bible study on personal finances 9780802414779 Larry Burkett
HIS 13301Publisher US History IB JonesAuthor-
Schaller et al American Horizons: US History in a Global Context, Volume 1: to 1877 2nd Edition 2014
MGT 23001Publisher Principles of Management -WER WilsonAuthor-
MGT 39901Publisher Management Intern E MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
MGT 43101Publisher Human Resource Management StaffAuthor-
Flatworld Knowledge Personal Finance E Text (or Printed) Siegel
MKT 23001Publisher Principles of MarketingR WilsonAuthor-
Managment 12th edition 1305938984 Ricky W Griffin
MKT 33201Publisher Promotional StrategR WIlsonAuthor-
MKT 39901Publisher Marketing InternshipE MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
PSY 43901Publisher Biological Psychology J MillerAuthor-
PSY 44301Publisher Health PsychologyW CrumAuthor-
PSY 48901Publisher Psychology Practicum - WEW CrumAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
SPMGT39801Publisher Intern in CoachingE MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required
SPMGT 39901Publisher Sports Admin Intern E MillerAuthor-
*No Textbook Required

* Textbook adoption list is valid as of May 16, 2018. Occasionally, instructors or vendors may alter textbook orders. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Textbooks are the responsiblility of the student. Students may purchase new or used books or may rent books from vendors such as Amazon Prime or Chegg.com or any other source they choose.


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