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Jackson, Wayne   A Study Guide to Greater Bible Knowledge
Jackson, Wayne   Bible Words and Theological Terms Made Easy
Jackson, Wayne   Divorce & Remarriage A Study Discussion
Jackson, Wayne    REVELATION: Jesus Christ's Final Message of Hope
Jackson, Wayne   Teaching of Jesus Christ on Divorce & Remarriage, The
Jackson, Wayne    Treasures From The Greek New Testament for the English Reader
Jackson, Wayne   The Bible and Science
Jackson, Wayne    The Mythology of Modern Geology
Jacoby, Douglas & Victoria    The Quiver
Jacoby, Douglas    Shining Like Stars
Jansma, Nils    The Source
Jean, Alice   Puppets by Alice Jean
Jenkins, Ancil   Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Jenkins, Simon    Nelson's 3-D Bible Mapbook
Jennings, Alvin   The Garden of Prayer
Jennings, Alvin  T. M. Allen Pioneer Preacher of Kentucky & Missouri
Jividen, Jimmy    Koinonia A Contemporary Study of Church Fellowship
Jividen, Jimmy   Alive In The Spirit
Jividen, Jimmy   Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures
Jividen, Jimmy    Worship In Song
Jobe, Bobbie Cramer   Striving for Holiness
Johnson, Aubrey    Music Matters In The Lord's Church
Johnson, Aubrey    Renewing Your Spiritual Life
Johnson, B. W.     The People's New Testament with Notes
Johnson, B. W.   The People's New Testament with Explanatory Notes Vol 1 Matthew - Acts
Johnson, B. W.   The People's New Testament with Explanatory Notes Vol 2 Romans - Revelation
Johnson, B. W.   A Commentary on John
Johnson, B. W.   Vision of the Ages
Johnston, Kurt   Controlled Chaos
Joiner, James A.   Our Meal With The Master
Jones, Milton    Grace the Heart of the Fire
Jones, Milton    Sundays with Scottie


Kachelman, Jr., John L.   Building Strong Families
Kachelman, John   Study on First Principles
Kachelman, Jr., John L.   Malachi A Prophet's Response to a Tired Faith
Karpenske, Nancy   Tips For Teachers - Elementary
Kelcy, Raymond C.     The Living Word Commentary Peter & Jude
Kelcy, Raymond C.     The Living Word Commentary Thessalonians
Kile, Emily Andrews   These are the Times that Try Women's Souls
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume 1
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume IV
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume V
Kizer, Andy  The 15 Periods of Bible History
Kizer, Andy  To The Overcomers
Kleiss, Richard & Tina  A Closer Look at the Evidence
Knapp, James L.   The Graying of the Flock
Kniskern, Joseph Warren   When The Vow Breaks
Kohlenberger III, John R   The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament
Kohlenberger III, John R   The Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New International Version
Kohlenberger, John R.   New International Bible Concordance
Kohlenberger III, John R.   Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance 2nd Edition
Krause, Mark S   NIV Commentaries John
Kuhn, Pamela J.    Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Budget
Kuhn, Pamela J.    Bible Truths
Kuhn, Pamela J.   God's Servants Teach Me
Kuhn, Pamela J.   I Belong To Jesus
Kuhn, Pamela J.   I Learn Respect
Kuhn, Pamela J.   Talking To God
Kuhn, Pamela J.   Virtues and Values


LaHaye, Tim & Beverly   The Act of Marriage
Lamimman, Boyd    Response to Grace
Lard, Moses E.   Commentary on Romans
Layton, Mac   This Grace Also
Leach, Virgil   Attitudes 1
Leach, Virgil   Attitudes 2
Lester, Melissa   Giving For All It's Worth
Lewis, Jack P.     The Living Word Commentary Matthew Part II
Lewis, Jack P.     The Living Word Commentary Matthew Part I
Lewis, Jack P.   The Major Prophets
Lewis, Jack P.   The Minor Prophets
Lightfoot, Neil R.   How We Got The Bible
Lightfoot, Neil R.   Jesus Christ Today
Lightfoot, Neil R.   Everyone's Guide to Hebrews
Lightfoot, Ph.D., Neil R.   Now That I Am A Christian (video)
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary Thessalonians-Philemon
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary Ephesians
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary 2nd Corinthians-Galatians
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary 1st Corinthians
Lipscomb/Shepherd     Gospel Advocate Commentary Romans
Lockyer, Sr., Herbert   Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible
Lowry, Bill   Fundamentals of The Faith
Lucas, Jerri McCann   Lessons From Esther
Lucas, Jerri M.   Planning A Future
Lyles, Cleon   Bigger Men for Better Churches
Lynn, Mac   Churches of Christ Around the World
Lyon, Mack   "With This Ring I Thee Wed"
Lyons, Eric   The Anvil Rings


MacArthur, John     Successful Christian Parenting
Major, Trevor     Genesis and the Origin of Coal & Oil
Malherbe, Abraham J.     The Living Word Commentary The World of the New Testament
Mangano, Mark   NIV Commentaries Esther & Daniel
Mann, G. L.   Bible Centered Sermon Outlines
Marrs, Rick R.   Embracing the Call of God
Marshall, Alfred    The Interlinear KJV-NIV Parallel New Testament In Greek and English
Martin, Casandra    Paul: By the Grace of God
Matson, Wallace I.    The Warren-Matson Debate On the Existence of God
Mattox, Irene Young   Patterns for Living
McCord, Hugo   The Disciples' Prayer
McDoniel, Jim   Am I Old Enough to be Baptized
McDowell, Josh     New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
McGarvey, J. W.   New Commentary on Acts
McGarvey, J. W.    Original Commentary on Acts
McGarvey, J. W.   Commentary on Matthew - Mark
McGarvey, J. W.   A Commentary on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
McGarvey, J. W.   McGarvey's Sermons
McGuiggan, Jim   Celebrating the Wrath of God
McGuiggan, Jim   Life on the Ash Heap
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Isaiah
McGuiggan,Jim   The Book of Isaiah
McGuiggan, Jim   Genesis and Us
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Ezekiel
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Daniel
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of 1 Corinthians
McGuiggan, Jim   The Dragon Slayer
McGuiggan, Jim   Revelation
McGuiggan, Jim   God, Life and People (video)
McGuiggan, Jim   Stories In Conflict (video)
McInteer, Jim Bill   Precious and Powerful Woman of God
McKnight, Rosemary Whittle   I Love Me, I Love Me Not...
McKnight, Rosemary   Those Who Wait
McMillan, Earle     The Living Word Commentary Mark
McNutt,J. A.   Counsel For Christian Youth Volume 2
McNutt,J. A.   Counsel for Christian Youth Vol 1
McWhorter, Jane   Caterpillars or Butterflies
McWhorter, Jane   Friendship Handle with Care
McWhorter, Jane   Let This Cup Pass
McWhorter, Jane   Roses in December
Meador, Prentice   Stories That Astonish
Milam,Lee   More Than Conquerors (Discussion Starters) (video)
Milam,Lee   Teen Talk (Discussion Starters) (video)
Miller, Clyde M.     The Living Word Commentary Psalms
Miller. Ph.D., Dave    Singing and New Testament Worship
Miller, Judy   Ripples On The Water
Miller, Jule    The Visualized Bible Study Series (video)
Milligan, Robert     Gospel Advocate Commentary Hebrews
Milligan, Robert    The Scheme of Redemption
Mills, JoAnn   The Silver Key
Mills, Jo Ann   Precious Memories
Mize, Charlotte   But How Can I?
Mize, Charlotte   Why Am I...?
Monroe, Wayne   Becoming A Christian
Moody, R. N.    Eunice Loyd
Morgan, Jo Ann   God's Unique Woman
Moss, C. Michael   Lord, Sometimes I Don't Feel Saved
Moss, C. Michael   NIV Commentaries 1, 2 Timothy & Titus
Moore, Michael S.   Faith Under Pressure
Mounce, William D    Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar
Moyer, Lloyd   A Biblical Slide-Rule for Personal Workers
Mullen, Ed.D., Bob     Living in Greater Happiness Today
Munsch, Robert    LOVE YOU FOREVER
Murren, Doug    Churches That Heal
Myers, Edward P   Doctrine of the Godhead


Nappa, Mike   Children's Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible-teaching Ideas New Testament
Nichol, C. R.   The Best of C. R. Nichol (CD ROM)
Nichol and wife, C. R.   Nichols Pocket Bible Encyclopedia
Nichols,Roy J.   Bible Puzzles Match-It
Nicks, Bill & Gerry   Short Stories of West Africa Long Remembered
North, Ira   Balance
North, Stafford   How To Explain
North, Stafford   Like a Thief in the Night


Oglesby, Robert K.   The Story (video)
Olbricht, Owen   Baptism New Birth or Empty Ritual
Olbricht, Owen   Baptism: A Response of Faith
Olbricht, Owen   Light From God's Word
Olbricht, Owen D   Teacher's Guide for Successful Personal Work
Olbricht, Owen   The Holy Spirit: Person and Work
Olbricht, Thomas H.   He Loves Forever
Olbricht, Thomas H.   His Love Compels
Oliphant, W. L.   Sermons of W. L. Oliphant Volume 1
Oliver, Gary and Carrie     Raising Sons and Loving It!
Olivet, Linda   Fitting It All Together
Oster    The Living Word Commentary Acts Part II
Oster, Jr., Richard E.   NIV Commentaries 1st Corinthians
Overton, Basil   Creation and Evolution - Faith and Origins (video)
Overton, Basil   Faith, Fossils and Evolution (video)
Overton, Basil   Holy Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism (video)
Overton, Basil   How We Got The Bible: Old Testament (video)
Overton, Basil   How We Got the Bible: New Testament (video)
Overton, Basil   Realized Eschatology: A. D. 70 Doctrine Refuted (video)
Overton, Basil   What is The Restoration Movement? (video)
Overton, Basil   What Must I Do To Be Saved? (video)

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