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Pack, Frank     The Living Word Commentary John Part I
Palmer, W. Robert   How to Understand the Bible
Paterson, Ph.D., Philip     Stay Tuned What Every Parent Should Know About Media
Patterson, Bessie   Wisely Train the Younger Women
Pelfrey, Wanda    Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Budget
Pendleton, Philip Y.   The Fourfold Gospel
Pendleton, Philip Y.   A Commentary on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
Pentz, Croft M.   Outlines on the Parables of Jesus
Pepper, Clayton   Church Growth Today
Pepper, Clayton   First Steps in Faith
Pepper, Clayton   Introduction to Soul Winning
Perkins, Gloria Okes   The First Years of Forever
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Mark
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Gospel of John
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Romans
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Hebrews
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
Peters, Mike   Becoming A Christian
Pfeiffer, Charles F.    Baker's Bible Atlas
Pharr, David R.   Thy Kingdom Come
Phillips, Ben   Leading in Worship
Phillips, Mark   Help! Our Church is Growing
Phillips, Marvin   Never Lick a Frozen Flagpole
Phillips, Marvin   Never Lick a Moving Blender!
Pierson, Jim   Exceptional Teaching
Powell, J. M.  The Cause We Plead
Pryor, Neale   You Can Trust Your Bible
Pugh III, Charles C.    Things Most Surely Believed



Ragland, Margaret Long   What's It Worth?
Rasmussen, Wendy     Picture Me as Mom's Little Helper
Reazin, Ruth   Strong & Simple Messages for Children's Ministry
Reese, Jack R.   The Crux of The Matter
Rehbein, Ed   Overcome By The Cross!
Rheenen, Gailyn Van   Missions Richardson, Robert    Communings In the Sanctuary
Richardson, Robert  Principles of the Reformation
Roberts, J. W.     The Living Word Commentary James
Roberts, J. W.     The Living Word Commentary Revelation
Roberts, J. W.    The Living Word Commentary Letters of John
Roberts, Wes   Before You Say I Do
Robinson, Beth    Sex: Helping Church Teens Deal With Challenging Issues
Robinson, Russ   Building a Church of Small Groups
Roehlkepartain, Jolene L   Children's Ministry that Works
Rogers, Jay Don   History of Christianity in a World Culture (video)
Rogers, Stephen   Christian Living Made Simple
Rogers, Stephen     Evangelism Made Simple - How To DO It!
Rogers, Stephen     Evangelism Made Simple - You CAN DO It!
Rogers, Stephen     The Gospel Made Simple - You CAN KNOW It!
Root, Mike   I Knew That
Roper, David L.   Getting Serious About Love
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Series Acts 1-14
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Series Acts 15-28
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Commentary Revelation 1-11
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Commentary Revelation 12-22
Rose, Lyn    Mom's Diary 30 Days to Being a Better Mom
Rose, Ron    Dad's Diary 30 Days To Being A Better Dad
Roy, W. Gaddys   Sermon Outlines on the Miracles of Jesus
Rush, Terry   Afraid God Works, Afraid He Doesn't
Ryken, Leland   Effective Bible Teaching


Sain, Paul   Overview of the New Testament in 30 Days
Sain, Paul   Ready Reference for Growing Christians
Sain, Paul    What About Our Music of Today?
Sanders, Phil   Adrift
Sandifer, J. Stephen   Deacons: Male and Female?
Savage, John   Listening and Caring Skills
Sawyer, Thomas   Essentials of New Testament Greek
Sayers, Stanley E.   Prayer The Neglected Power
Schimmels, Cliff   Teaching That Works
Schmid, Debbie   Spiritual Seasons
Schmid, Debbie   The Beauty of Spring
Schott, Linda   Going Through the Motions
Schott, Linda   I Stand Amazed...At the Wonder of It All!
Schott, Linda   Spiritual Aerobics
Schoville, Keith   NIV Commentaries Ezra-Nehemiah
Schwarz, Christian A.   Natural Church Development
Scott, Latayne C.   The Red Cord of Hope
Scott, Pat   Batten Down the Hatches
Scott, Pat   Surviving the Raging Fire
Scott, Truman   Divorce & Remarriage A Study Discussion
Sewell, Laurel S.   The Six Gifts of Hospitality
Shamblin, Gwen   Feeding Children Physically & Spiritually (video)
Shank, Dr. Harold   Children Mean the World to God
Shank, Harold     NIV Commentaries Minor Prophets Vol 1 Hosea - Micah
Sheerer, Jim     New Testament Commentary
Shelburne, Curtis K.   How To Measure A Rainbow
Shelly, Rubel   Young People and Their Lord
Shipp, Glover   Christianity and Islam Bridging Two Worlds
Shipp, Dr. Glover   Me, a Submissive Wife?
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Kingdom for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Mission for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Plan for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Savior for You
Silvey, Billie   Time Management for Christian Women
Simmons, Randy   Basic Training A Manual for Teens
Simmons, Randy   Straight Talk For Teens
Simmons, Randy   What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do
Simmons, Randy   Real Life
Simpson, Peggy   Hospitality in the Spirit of Love
Sites, Jimmy   Satan Stole the Show
Sizemore, Denver   13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 1
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 2
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 3
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 4
Sloan, Dianne C.   Getting Ready for Marriage
Smalley, Gary   For Better or Best
Smalley, Gary    Hidden Keys of a Loving Lasting Marriage
Smalley, Gary   If Only He Knew
Smalley, Gary   Loving, Lasting Relationships (video)
Smith, Beverly    Being God's Child
Smith, Bill E.   As Stewards of God
Smith, F. LaGard   After Life
Smith, F. LaGard   Radical Restoration
Smith, F. Lagard   The New Age Movement (video)
Smith, F. Lagard   The Roles of Men and Women In the Church (video)
Smith, F. Lagard   They Smell Like Sheep
Smith, G. Dallas    Outlines of Bible Study
Smith, James E.    NIV Commentaries 1 & 2 Samuel
Smith, James E.   The Pentatuech
Smith, James E.   The Major Prophets
Smith, John W.   Oak Trees & Angels
Spain, Carl     The Living Word Commentary Timothy & Titus
Srygley, F. B.    The New Testament Church
Stacy, Dr. John   Hour of Power Sermons
Stacy, John   Jesus Bore it All
Stacy, John   Messianic Psalms and other Sermons
Stacy, Dr. John   Preaching Through First & Second Timothy
Stacy, John   Preaching Through Galations Part One
Stacy, John   Preaching Through Galations Part Two
Stacy, Dr. John   Preaching Through Phillipians and Colossians
Stacy, John   Sermons on Heaven and Hell
Stacy, Dr. John   Sermons That Sizzle
Stacy, John   The Valley of Dry Bones (and other sermons to get excited about)
Stevens, Texas   The Visualized Bible Study Series (video)
Stewart, Ivan   From House To House A Manual on Personal Work
Stinnett, Dr. Nick   Magnificent Marriage
Stinnett, Nancy    Magnificent Marriage
Strauch, Alexander   Biblical Eldership
Stroop, J. Ridley    The Church of the Bible
Stroop, J. Ridley    Why Do People Not See The Bible See Alike?
Strother, Jim   Let's Have A Timothy Class
Stubblefield, Ph.D., Elton   Creation, Evolution and the Great Flood
Swain, Walter   Great Bible Doctrines
Swanson, James A   The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament
Swanson, James A   The Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New International Version
Sweet, R. B.   Now That I'm a Christian


Tackett, Michael   My Brother, My Lord
Talley, Scott     This Can't Wait
Tallman, Jerry   Becoming a N. T. Christian (video)
Tate, Willard    Habits of A Loving Heart
Tate, Williard    How To Get What You Want And Want What You Get!
Tate, Willard    Learning to Love
Tate, Williard   The Wit and Wisdom of Willer Wood
Tate, Willard   How to Get What You Want...and Want What You Get (video)
Tate, Williard   Learning to Love (video)
Tate, Williard   The Wit and Wisdom of Willer Wood (video)
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.   The Elder and His Work
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.    Studies in the Gospel of John
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.   The Bible Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Taylor, Jr., Robert   The Bible Doctrine of Jehovah God
Tenney, Merrill C.   Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary
Tesh, S. Edward   NIV Commentaries Psalms Vol 1
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert    Bible and the Age of the Earth, The
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Issues In Evolution
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Evolution: Paleontology and the Fossil Record
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Evolution as A Threat to the Christian Home
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     The Global Flood of Noah
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     The Scientific Case For Creation
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert    The Truth About Human Origins
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Rock-Solid Faith How to Build It
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Rock-Solid Faith How to Sustain It
Thompson, James W.   God's Holy Fire
Thompson, James W.   Preaching Like Paul
Thompson, James     The Living Word Commentary Hebrews
Thomson, Harry Linn    Short Talks Around the Lord's Table
Tolle, James M.    The Lord's Supper
Townsend, Dr. John   Boundaries In Marriage
Trent, Ph.D., John   Loving, Lasting Relationships (video)
Tucker, Paul M.   Christian Stewardship
Turner, J. J.   Building an Effective Leadership Team
Turner, J. J.    Doctrine of the Godhead
Turner, J. J.   Growth Through Biblical Stewardship
Turner, J. J.   How to Effectively Study the Bible
Turner, J. J.   Leadership Through Church Growth
Turner, J. J.    Positive Christian Living
Turner, J. J.   Positive Sermons That Encourage
Turner, J. J.   Standing Before an Audience
Turner, J. J.   Step Out of the Crowd
Turner, J. J.   The World's Best Marriage Advice
Turner, J. J.   Shepherds, Wake Up!
Tyler, Granville W.   Granville Tyler Workbooks

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