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400 series & heating systems
External Mount Water Heater Over-the-Side Heater
This is the recommended electric circulation bap- The Over-the-Side Heater is a complete, self-
tistry heating system. A built in thermostat main- contained, thermostatically controlled water heater.
tains any preset temperature, while the 230 volt This portable unit operates on 230 volt current and
water circulation pump provides even temperature is equipped with thermostat, and on-off light. The
and increases the efficiency of the heater. The heater 40" element extends into the water, and has ad-
and pump are wired in parallel, allowing them to justable stainless steel mounting brackets. 6KW,
operate simultaneously. Heaters available in 230volt, single phase, UL, NSF.
6KW, 230 volt, single phase, UL, NSF. 

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