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Ohio Valley University Bible Bookstore carries several curriculum choices to help meet your needs. If you don't find what you are searching for on this page contact us through our e-mail bookstore@ovu.edu or by phone at 1-800-879-7323.
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Immerse in His Word
from: 21st Century Christian

Chronologically organized to teach the whole truth at age-appropriate levels so as to lead each student to a life-long commitment to God and the church, Immerse in His Word Bible School curriculum includes an abundance of meaningful activities and audio/visual resources to reinforce each lesson. A complete 4-year study plan is available upon request.

LifeLINKS to God
from: 21st Century Christian

LINKING God's Eternal Word to practical, real-life situations
LINKING Bible Knowledge to deeper commitment and changed behavior
LINKING the classroom to the home through age-appropriate lesssons and take-homes
Biblical · Colorful · Creative
A Complete 3-year study plan is available upon request.

New Living Bible Lessons
from: Lambert Book House

Special Benefits of this Series - This is a three year course designed to cover the Old Testament in all departments: Nursery through Junior High. All Student books are in color. The Teacher Manual and Visual Aids enable the teacher to present the whole story with New Testament and present day applications...a real help to motivate learning and living. This Series offers the unique opportunity for all classes to study the same area of the Old Testament at the same time.

An Ideal Combination - Use New Living Bible Lessons to study the Old Testament for one Bible School period each week and The Living Way to study the New Testament for the other Bible School period each week.

A three-year scope and sequence, covering both the New Living Bible Lessons and The Living Way curricula, is available upon request.

OUTLOOKS (for Senior High) is a scripture-based comprehensive study full of lessons applicable to today's teens. Call OVU Bookstore today for details.

The Living Way
from: Lambert Book House

THE LIVING WAY is a three year course based on the New Testament and designed to teach the basic fundamental truths that distinguish the church from the world. Equal importance is given to love, kindness, hummility, worship and the attitudes that make one like Christ. Covers all departments from nursery through high school. The first year is devoted to a study of the life of Christ. Year two covers the Acts and longer epistles. Year three is devoted to the short epistles and Revelation. All you need for a complete balanced teaching program.

A three-year scope and sequence covering both "The New Living Bible Lessons and "The Living Way" curricula, is available upon request.

Gospel Advocate Curriculum
from: Gospel Advocate

Horizons (Teens)
Foundations (Adults)

Bible Study Guide For All Ages
from: Dr. Donald & Mary Baker

Experience the Bible in your classrooms and growth in your students!
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  • Sunday School
  • Homeschool
  • Bible classes
  • Family devotionals

Baker's Bible Study Guide For All Ages

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