Evangelism made Simple
you CAN DO it!

A three book set
       by stephen w. rogers

three volumes

Evangelism Made Simple – How To DO It! is a textbook for two companion books, shown above. This book is a detailed explanation of how to teach these lessons.

It is a fresh approach in teaching the Gospel. With the companion books, it forms a comprehensive method of teaching the Gospel to those eager to know it.

The teacher's manual contains the lessons with the answers included. It is packaged in a three ring binder.

The student handbook contains identical material used in the teacher's manual. The student sheets contain blanks that the student fills in during the study. The sheets are perforated so the teacher removes only the pages for that one lesson. These sheets are also three-hole punched so the student can keep them in his own three-ring binder.

[Stephen Rogers] Stephen Rogers, the minister of the Washington Avenue Church of Christ in Evansville, Indiana, for the last 13 years, has been preaching for 26 years. Stephen conducts several Gospel meetings a year, speaks in lectureships, and makes several mission trips. These books are a result of years of teaching individual Bible studies and understanding the need of students.

The goal of these lessons is to actively involve the student in learning the Gospel.

Evangelism Material and Much More

Being Used in:
• Teen Classes
• New Converts Classes
• Adult Bible Classes

“Stephen Rogers has written a powerful book that will be a valuable tool in personal evangelism. This book will also ground new Christians in the faith. It is a book of solid Biblical substance.”
Tom Holland

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