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Jesus As John Presents Him
Jesus Christ Today by: Neil R. Lightfoot
Jesus for a New Millennium - Studies in the Gospel of Matthew
Jesus Who Is He?
Jesus Bore it All
John Donne Treasury, The
Johnson's Notes On the New Testament by: B. W. Johnson
Journey to Joy
Joy in the Morning
Just Add Kids - Games for Children's Ministry


Keeping Your Balance
Know Your Bible


Lay Ministry Revolution, The
Leading in Worship
Leading Ladies Willing Hearts, Willing Hands
Leading the Lord's Worship
Learning to Love
Learning to Love  (video)
Lessons From Esther
Let This Cup Pass
Let Us A Great Exhortation
Let's Be Frank
Let's Be Frank Part Deux
Letters of Hope
Life & Lessons of J. W. McGarvey
Life and Times of David Lipscomb, The
Life of Elder Walter Scott, The
Life on the Ash Heap
Light From God's Word
Light Shining In Darkness
Like a Shepherd Lead Us
Like a Thief in the Night
Listening and Caring Skills
Living A Worthy Life
Living In Greater Happiness Today
Living Messages of the New Testament
Living Messages of the Old Testament
Living Oracles, The
Longing for Home
Logic and the Bible
Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Lord, Sometimes I Don't Feel Saved
Lord's Supper, The
Lord's Supper, Prayers, Thanksgivings, The
Love for God and His Word
Love In Every Room
Love Life for Every Married Couple
Love Must Be Tough
Love You Forever
Loving, Lasting Relationships  (video)
Lures of the Liar


Magnificent Marriage
Magnificent Marriage Leader's Guide
Making It
Making Your Church A Place to Serve
Malachi A Prophet's Response to a Tired Faith
Man Nobody Knows, The
Martha, Martha!
Marriage in the Fast Lane
Matter of Fact, A
McGarvey's Sermons
Me, a Submissive Wife?
Mechanical Instruments of Music In Worship Today
Meeting the Challenging Tests of Life
Messianic Psalms and other Sermons
Minister's Service Manual
Ministers at the Millennium
Mirror, Mirror, Who Am I?  (video)
Mission Of The Local Church, The
Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?
Model Church, The
Modern Teenager: Sexuality and Dating, The  (video)
Mom's Diary
More Than Conquerors
More Than Conquerors (Discussion Starters)  (video)
More Than We Could Ask
Mother's Memories to Her Child
Mothers and Daughters
Movies, Music and Main Street
Mrs. Lee's Stories about Jesus
Music Matters In The Lord's Church
My Bible Box In Color
My Brother, My Lord
My Boy Bryson 2
My Elders
My Sister's Keeper
Mythology of Modern Geology, The


Nahum Confessing God's Greatness
Nazi Doctors
Near To The Heart Of God
Nelson's 3-D Bible Mapbook
Nelson's Complete Book of Bible Maps & Charts
Nelson's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Bible
Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary
Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Never Lick a Frozen Flagpole
Never Lick a Moving Blender!
New Age Movement, The  (video)
New Commentary on Actsby: J. W. McGarvey
Newcomer's Guide to the Bible, A
New Dare to Discipline, The
New Dimensions in Puppet Ministry
New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
New Greek English Interlinear New Testament, The
New Greek English Interlinear New Testament, The personal size
New International Bible Concordance
New International Bible Dictionary
New King James Concordance
New Testament Church, The
New Testament Commentary by: Jim Sheerer
New Testament Lessons
New You, The
Nichols Pocket Bible Encyclopedia
NKJV Greek English Interlinear New Testament, The
No Greater Joy
Noahic Flood Science and The World That Was, The
Not-So-Quiet Times
Not-So-Quiet Times 2
Now That I'm a Christian by: R. B. Sweet
Now That I Am A Christian  (video)
Now That You Have Obeyed The Gospel


Oak Trees & Angels
Old Testament Lessons
OT Theology In A Canonical Context
Open Bible Study for the New Christian
Original Commentary on Acts
Other Side of Evolution, The
Other Side of Youth, The
Outlines of Bible Study
Outlines on the Parables of Jesus
Overcome by the Cross!
Overview of the New Testament in 30 Days


Parenting is Rocket Science
Patterns for Living
Paul: By the Grace of God
Peace Be Still
Picture Me With Grandma
Picture Me With Grandpa
Piloting the Strait
Planning A Future
Pledge of Love, The  (video)
Pocket Topical Index of the Bible
Pocket Topical Testament
Ponder God's Way
Pondering Precious Proverbs
Positive Christian Living
Positive Sermons That Encourage
Power of a Parent's Words, The
Power of A Positive Mom, The
Power of Prayer  (video)
Power of Prayer and Fasting, The
Power To Win
Power Zone, The
Practical Studies In Church Growth
Praise for the Lord Songbook
Prayer of Jabez, The
Prayer-Driven Church, The
Prayer Power
Prayer the Neglected Power
Prayer The Voice of Faith
Praying Like Jesus
Preaching Autobiography 2001 Rochester College Lectures
Preaching Hebrews
Preaching from Luke/Acts 2000 Rochester College Lectures
Preaching Like Paul
Preaching Romans 2002 Rochester College Lectures
Preaching the Eighth Century Prophets
Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
Preaching Through First & Second Timothy
Preaching Through Galations Part One
Preaching Through Galations Part Two
Preaching Through Phillipians and Colossians
Precious and Powerful Woman of God
Precious December Days
Precious Memories
Precious Memories Songbook Precious In The Sight Of God
Problem Of Evil And Suffering
Preparing for Adolescence
Primordial Soup
Principles of the Reformation
Probing the Prophets
Proven Principles of Church Growth  (video)
Proverbs Wisdom for All Ages
Puppet Training Video
Puppets by Alice Jean
Purpose Driven Youth Ministry


Quick Relief for Children's Ministry Leaders


Radical Restoration
Raising Faithful Kids in a Fast-Paced World
Raising Sons and Loving It!
Reach For Your Spiritual Potential
Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol 1
Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol 2
Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol 3
Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol 4
Ready Answers to Religious Errors
Ready Reference for Growing Christians
Ready Reference for Growing Christians
Real Life
Realized Eschatology: A. D. 70 Doctrine Refuted  (video)
Reason To Rejoice
Receiving God's Righteousness - Grace & Glory in Romans
Reclaiming A Heritage
Relating To God  (video)
Relating to Parents: A Teen Challenge  (video)
Remarkable Women of the Bible, The
Renewing Your Spiritual Life
Reproducible Maps, Charts, Timelines & Illustrations
Response to Grace
Restoring My Soul
Restoring New Testament Christianity
Restoring New Testament Christianity  (video)
Restoring the Pattern and Passion
Resurrection Vol 1 Heart of New Testament Doctrine,The
Resurrection Vol II Heart of the Christian Life The
Revelation by: Jim McGuiggan
Revelation 1-11 by: David Roper
REVELATION: Jesus Christ's Final Message of Hope
Revelation Through First-Century Glasses
Revelation Revealed  (video)
Revival of Family Values
Reviving The Ancient Faith
Righteousness Inside Out
Rock-Solid Faith How to Build It
Rock Solid Faith How to Sustain It
Roles of Men and Women In the Church, The  (video)
Romans, A Commentary by: Curtis Camp
Romans God's Plan for Man's Righteouness
Roses in December

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