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Time Management for Christian Women   ISBN 0890980578
239 pages
Time Management for Christian Women
by: Helen Young and Billie Silvey
publisher: 21st Century Christian
Billie Silvey and Helen Young run basic time management principles through a Bible filter to distill excellent advice on doing your best work and being your best self for the Lord.

Heart's Bouquet   ISBN 0890982074
135 pages
Heart's Bouquet
by: Louise Barnett Cox
publisher: 21st Century Christian
This book is designed to challenge each of us to grow beautiful roses in our lives and share them with everyone we meet for that is abundant living.

Keeping Your Balance   ISBN 0892254726
128 pages
Keeping Your Balance
by: Nancy Eichamn
publisher: Gospel Advocate
Are you balanced or imbalanced
We need to look beyond our overcrowded schedules and misplaced priorities to find the real solution - a life focused on Jesus.

Seeking Spiritual Beauty   ISBN 0929540263
99 pages
Seeking Spiritual Beauty
by: Sheila Keckler Butt
publisher: Publishing Designs, Inc.
A frank, professional insight into a woman's heart, Seeking Spiritual Beauty will warm the senses with it's honest virtues and chill the soull with it's shocking statistics. Be prepared to learn some hard lessons.

We Bow Down   ISBN 092954028X
144 pages
We Bow Down Women look at worship
by: Cindy Colley, Foye Watkins, Sheilat, Gloria Ingram and Jane McWhorter
publisher: Publishing Designs, Inc.
Why are women seeking to fill a spiritual void with support groups, sensationalism, entertainment, and emotionalism? Five Christian women share their findings from the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, revealing God's answers to fullfillment in worship.

Heirlooms   ISBN 0929540336
172 pages
Heirlooms Bible Keepsakes Old and New
by: Janie Craun
publisher: Publishing Designs, Inc.
"This unique study of contemporary issues written by Christitan Woman author Janie Craun is a valuable overview of God's mesage to man as based on thirteen famous Bible questions."

Straddling the Fence   ISBN 0929540328
197 pages
Straddling the Fence The Danger of Compromise
by: Anita Whitaker
publisher: Publishing Designs, Inc.
"Straddling the Fence exposes addiction lures, sexual snares, dating traps, gossip pools, career pitfalls, and other dangers in a concise manner that warns and encourages."

Six Gifts of Hospitality   ISBN 0892255366
126 pages
Six Gifts of Hospitality
by: Laurel S. Sewell
publisher: Gospel Advocate
"Inasmuch as you did it unto the least of these..."       Lessons from Matthew 25:31-40"

Blossoming in the Beauty of Christ   ISBN 089137468X
27 pages
Blossoming in the Beauty of Christ
by: Bonie L. Gary
publisher: Quality Publications
Christian attitudes for young women.

Women of  Deliverance   ISBN 0929540492
138 pages
Women of Deliverance
by: Cindy Colley
publisher: Publishing Designs
Learn from Bible women... God Is Able to Deliver Me

The Remarkable Women of the Bible   ISBN 0736907386
274 pages
The Remarkable Women of the Bible
by: Elizabeth George
publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Their message for your life today

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