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Prices: Workbook $3.75; Teacher's Manual $4.95; Visual Aid $10.50; Pictures To Color $8.95

- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual Visual Aid Pictures to color
Nursery, Year 1 2's Qty Qty Qty Qty
Jesus, Our Best Friend 1-Fall
Jesus, His Helpers 2-Winter
Jesus, Son of God 3-Spring
Jesus, Our Example 4-Summer
Nursery, Year 2 3's Qty Qty Qty Qty
Jesus' Friends 1-Fall
Jesus' Friends - Please 2-Winter
Jesus' Friends Obey 3-Spring
Jesus' Friends - Better 4-Summer
- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual Visual Aid Pictures to color
Pre-School, Year 1 4's Qty Qty Qty Qty
Learning of God's Son 1-Fall
Jesus, Son of God 2-Winter
Miracles of Jesus 3-Spring
Jesus and His Helpers 4-Summer
Preschool, Year 2 5's Qty Qty Qty Qty
God's Son Goes Home 1-Fall
Acts of The Apostles 2-Winter
Paul's Journeys for Jesus 2-Spring
Christ's Church Today 2-Summer
- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual Visual Aid
Primary, Year 1 1st Grade Qty Qty Qty
Jesus Teaches - Families 1-Fall
Jesus Did Good 2-Winter
Friends of Jesus 3-Spring
Last Days of Jesus 4-Summer
Primary, Year 2 2nd Grade Qty Qty Qty
First Days of Church 1-Fall
Live For Jesus 2-Winter
Working For Jesus 3-Spring
Do's & Don'ts From Paul 4-Summer
Primary, Year 3 3rd Grade Qty Qty Qty
The Good News 1-Fall
Paul's Bee Attitudes 2-Winter
The Old and The New 3-Spring
Singing About God's Word 4-Summer
- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual
Junior, Year 1 4th Grade Qty Qty
Places In Jesus' Life 1-Fall
Those We Honor 2-Winter
Stories Jesus Told 3-Spring
Great Works of Jesus 4-Summer
Junior, Year 2 5th Grade Qty Qty
Preaching Christ 1-Fall
Gentiles Receive Gospel 2-Winter
Revealing Romans 3-Spring
Christ Comes to Corinth 4-Summer
Junior, Year 3 6th Grade Qty Qty
Young Christians Grow 1-Fall
Obey & Exalt Christ 2-Winter
Paul's Short Letters 3-Spring
Lessons In Faith 4-Summer
- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual
Junior Hi, Year 1 7th Grade Qty Qty
The Apostles 1-Fall
Early Ministry of Jesus 2-Winter
Powerful Principles 3-Spring
Lessons On Kingdom 4-Summer
Junior Hi, Year 2 8th Grade Qty Qty
Days of Action 1-Fall
Days of Evangelism 2-Winter
Christian Faith At Work 3-Spring
Corinthian Christians 4-Summer
Junior Hi, Year 3 9th Grade Qty Qty
Growing In Grace 1-Fall
Points From Paul 2-Winter
Hints From Hebrews 3-Spring
Peter, James & John 4-Summer
- Quarter Work Book Teacher Manual
Senior, Year 1 10th Grade Qty Qty
Message of Master 1-Fall
Men With A Message 2-Winter
Footsteps of Jesus 3-Spring
What Jesus Taught 4-Summer
Senior, Year 2 11th Grade Qty Qty
God In Romans 1-Fall
A More Excellent Way 2-Winter
The Law and Grace 3-Spring
Christ Is Better 4-Summer
Senior, Year 3 12th Grade Qty Qty
Guideposts to Living 1-Fall
Timothy and Titus 2-Winter
Powerful Living 3-Spring
King of Kings 4-Summer

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