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Quran Unveiled   ISBN 0932859723
310 pages
The Quran Unveiled
by: Dave Miller
publisher: Apologetics Press
"The authenticity of Islam rests on the credibility of the Quran. If the Quran is from God, it must possess the self-authenticating attributes of divine inspiration. If it is not from God, though it may possess certain positive qualities, it must be rejected as disqualified to legislate human behavior in an absolute sense. The Quran Unveiled examines Islam's holy book with a view toward ascertaining whether it is, in fact, of supernatural origin. "

On Reading the Bible   ISBN 0486437086
208 pages
On Reading the Bible: Thoughts and Reflections of Over 500 Men and Women, from St. Augustine to Oprah Winfrey
by: Bill Bradfield
publisher: Dover Books
"Heartfelt, perceptive comments by men and women from all walks of life, including memorable quotes from historic and contemporary writers, philosophers, entertainers, business people, politicians, and spiritual leaders. Appendix provides brief biographies of contributors."

That's My Son   ISBN 0800730771
188 pages
That's My Son
by: Rick Johnson
publisher: Fleming H. Revell
"A must read for every mom who longs to get inside the heart and mind of her little boy and who yearns for the wisdom to see that boy become a man of character."

The Mommy Manual   ISBN 0800759826
249 pages
That's My Son
by: Barbara Curtis
publisher: Fleming H. Revell
"The Mommy Manual is a different kind of "how to" book on parenting. While it provides a variety of tips for moms, author Barbara Curtis looks at it not only from a Biblical perspective, but also throws in some of her Montessori techniques for good measure. Reading this book will not make you "Super Mom," but will give you ideas on how to be come a thoughtful and deliberate parent, making choices for your children at various stages that will not only further their development but ground them in the family nucleus."

Caritas   ISBN 1885531087
156 pages
Caritas Loving Care/Tough Love
by: Conrad Moorer
publisher: Caritas Publishing
"As a parent God has entrusted you with the gift of a child. This is a great gift and at the same time very frightening."

Wisdom's Call   ISBN 0972589422
119 pages
Wisdom's Call
by: Drew Kizer
publisher: Riddle Creek Publishing
"A study of Proverbs"

Wild At Heart   ISBN 0785268839
222 pages
Wild at Heart
by: John Eldredge
publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
"Every man was once a boy. And every little boy has dreams, big Dreams: dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing damsels in distress."

Twelve Ordinary Men   ISBN 0849917735
200 pages
Twelve Ordinary Men
by: John MacArthur
publisher: W Publishing Group
"Best-selling author John MacArthur examines the twelve men that Christ chose as his disciples and helps us discover how we can transform our own imperfections into usable tools to impact others."

A Handbook of Leadership   ISBN 0966353145
160 pages
A Handbook of Leadership
edited by: David Duncan
publisher: Yeomen Press
"As Exemplified in the Life of Howard Norton"

Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures   ISBN 0892255455
128 pages
Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures
by: Jimmy Jividen
publisher: Gospel Advocate
"A person's view of the Scriptures, more than any other thing, determines his faith and practice." - Jimmy Jividen

Renewing Your Spiritual Life   ISBN 0892255463
93 pages
Renewing Your Spiritual Life
by: Aubrey Johnson
publisher: Gospel Advocate
A study of Deuteronomy
13 Simple Steps for Maximum Spiritual Growth

Shine Like Stars   ISBN 0892255420
112 pages
Shine Like Stars
by: Sara B. Leighton
publisher: Gospel Advocate
Becoming a Light to the World
A Study of Philippians

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