Vacation Bible School Available from OVU Bookstore for 2020

2020 Vacation Bible School Preview Kits are available for 30 day preview February through May 15, 2020 from Ohio Valley University Bible Bookstore, 1 Campus View Drive, Suite B, Vienna, WV 26105.

These VBS Preview Kits may be returned within 30 days of invoice for full credit up to June 15th, 2020, a 10% restocking fee will be charged per month if returned after the first 30 days. NO RETURNS of VBS preview kits can be accepted after June 15, 2020.

Regular stock of VBS items from Lambert and Promise should be ready by May to fill orders for your complete program. There is no return guarantee on these Lambert and Promise VBS items.

From: Promise Publishing


To be the best, you must work hard. It takes practice, perseverance, and a little sweat to get to the top of the medal stand. With lessons from some of the the best-loved passages of Scripture and a team of some of the world's fastest animals, students will learn how to be a CHAMPION: Empowered by Jesus!!

•  Lesson One:
Bible Story: Friends take a paralyzed man to Jesus
         Bible Text: Mark 2:1-5

•  Lesson Two:
Bible Story: Victory at Jericho
      Bible Text: Joshua 5-6        

•  Lesson Three
      Bible Story: Ruth and Naomi
Bible Text: Ruth 1-2

•  Lesson Four:
Bible Story: Gideon leads his people
       Bible Text: Judges 6-7

•  Lesson Five
       Bible Story: Saul's conversion
Bible Text: Acts 9

            Starter Kit $54.99

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From: Lambert Book House

A Royal Adventure

"A Royal Adventure"

Join us on A ROYAL ADVENTURE as we learn about some of the great kings of the Bible. King Solomon prayed for wisdom and pleased God by building His temple. King Hezekiah was loyal to God and teaches us what to do if we find ourselves in trouble. King Nebuchadnezzar learned that we must set aside our pride and give God all the glory. Jesus is the King of Kings and gave His life for us. His Word continues to teach us the way to salvation and we must follow His path to gain a life with Him in heaven. This exciting series will help your students learn lessons they can use every day while following Jesus.

Lesson Aim: To learn that God rewarded Solomon's prayer for wisdom with a wise heart, honor, riches, and permission to build His house; and to learn that we should think carefully about the requests we make of God.
Bible Text: I Kings 6-9

Lesson Aim: To learn how Hezekiah showed great faith when he prayed for God's help to defeat the great army against him and how his humble attitude is one we should imitate
Bible Text: 2 Kings 18-19

Lesson Aim: To learn the Nebuchadnezzar, after God humbled him, wrote a letter honoring Him and that we must give God the glory for all we do.
Bible Text: Daniel 4

Lesson Aim: To learn that Jesus was the only perfect King who ever lived and that we can live with Him in heaven if we obey.
Bible Text: Matthew 26:47-28:20


            Starter Kit $41.95

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From: Little Acorn™ and Apologetics Press © 2019 Apologetics Press

Christian Academy 2

God's Word: Digging for Answers
Published by: Little Acorn, LLC & Apologetics Press, INC

Elementary (K-6th)
Theme: The Bible is From GOD
Lesson one: How We Got the Bible
Lesson two: The Bible is Treasure Map
Lesson three: The Bible Predicts the Future
Lesson four: God's Commands Help Us
Lesson five: Sharing God's Word with Others

Lesson One: How the Bible Came to Us
Lesson Two: The Bible is Inspired
Lesson Three: The Bible and Prophecy
Lesson Four: The Bible and Science
Lesson Five: Are There Mistakes in the Bible?

Material includes:
Three Separate discs
Disc One - CD Rom
5 Elementary and Teen/Adult Lessons
PowerPoint Presentation for each lesson
Games & Crafts

Disc Two - Digger Doug's Underground DVD
5 Great Episodes. Running Time = Approximately 130 minutes

Disc Three - Is the Bible From God? DVD
by Kyle Butt & Eric Lyons
6-lesson Seminar Proving the Bible's Inspiration

Cost: $199
**On CD--must print all lessons and supplemental material from CD

*sample cd available (Call OVU Bookstore for details)

Other titles available: "Christian Academy", "Christian Academy 2", "Righteous Roundup", "Fix Your Eyes on Jesus", "The Mystery of Christ" & "God's Creation - Digging for Answers". Call 1-800-879-7323 for further details or ordering.

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